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8 Things Every Shopaholic Can Relate To

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November and December should officially be declared the shopping months of the year. Do you know why? Because you get the clearance sales, Black Friday sales, Blessed Friday sales, and whatnot. Apart from all these sales you also have holiday sales. If you aren’t a shopaholic then you might not understand the context but that’s what we are here for. We have decided to throw some light on the habits of a classic shopaholic. But before that, you need to know who it is!

Who is Shopaholic?

A shopaholic is a person who is fond of shopping so much that it turns into an addiction. Their mailbox is always flooded with messages like ‘the live sale is on’ ‘get your hands on this before it gets sold out’ ‘are you bored? Let’s shop together’ ‘hey, are you up for a shopping spree’. And we kid you not, it’s all true. You can even check their phones and you are most likely to find these texts. 

All the things, an oniomanaic can relate to!

If you are a genuine oniomanaic you’ll relate to these 8 things we are going to mention about a shopping addict. Being a shopaholic is all fun and games until it starts affecting your mental health and personal life because it can cost you a lot.

Shop till you drop

Ever heard the phrase, shop till you drop? Of course, every spendthrift knows what does it mean but if you aren’t one of them, let us tell you. It means you do not stop shopping unless it gets exhausting or perhaps, you run out of money. The following phrase is as new as the pair of shoes you bought last Sunday when you kept telling yourself to shop till you drop. 

Btw, there’s an American game show named after it. And we are sure that it’s every shopaholic’s dream to be on that game show once in their lives.

It’s your happy thing

What’s better than knowing your happy thing? And every spendthrift knows shopping makes them happy. So if you find yourself the happiest while shopping we have news for you! Congratulations – You are a shopaholic! There’s no other thing that can make an oniomanaic happier than hearing, let’s go shopping! Speaking of happy things you might like to hear this as well. If you are looking for celeb outfits then your fav Awkwafina bomber jacket is out for holiday sales on many online stores. 

Too many shopping apps

If you have too many apps on your phone that is not an issue. But if every app is a shopping app then it’s high time to reconsider everything. This might sound absurd, but that is how you start getting addicted. 

An empty wardrobe 

Buying almost everything but still have nothing to wear. Relatable? It’s a shopaholic urge not to repeat an outfit. Therefore; their wardrobe is always empty. Or at least they can’t see the piles of clothes coming out of their closet because it’s been a week since they last shopped. No matter how many pairs of shoes you have, there’s plenty of space in your wardrobe and a visible void in your heart. You need to fill both. How are you going to do that? Duh. Shopping!!

Release your stress

Well, everyone agrees on this one. Even the person who is not a shopping addict. Going out, buying random stuff that you won’t even use release your stress. But here’s the bummer. What’s the purpose of purchasing useless things? And now you are stressing over the fact that you spent a little extra. You could have bought something you’d use once at least. This is a never-ending argument just like, you need to save money but you only live once. 

The sale is live

Just like kids get excited listening to their favorite poems, you get thrilled when someone tells you there’s a live sale going on. Shopping makes you happy but sale makes you happier because you don’t need to pay full price on your favorite female celebrity leather jackets and costumes. Oh, and here you can save money just to buy something else. 

Did you say hope? It sounded SHOP!

It gets on your nerves so much that if someone says, hope for the best, you hear SHOP for the best. Funny isn’t it? But slow down. Anything that is obsessive is harmful. We are not asking you to drop the habit. But exceeding it to the point where there’s no going back won’t do any good to you. And it’s possible that you might get bored of it someday. 

Delivery packages everywhere

We all know someone who does so much online shopping that when a package arrives, it’s obvious, who’s it for. Your homies are tired of receiving your packages. Now you need to change your address. But changing your residence would be more expensive than online shopping so let it be. Homies need to deal with it. 

Final verdict for the addict!

These were just 8 things but trust us there’s more than that. We know it’s hard to get over an addiction and since the addiction relates to impulsive buying. It makes it ten times harder. It’s okay to do something that releases your stress. But a habit that is close to bankrupting you is not a good option. So be careful with that next time!

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