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Age Verification Protection for Minors – A Dire Need In The Digital World

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Legally bonding the minors from getting access to age-restricted product and services have become a necessity for businesses. With scammers deploying them to conduct deceitful crimes by hacking their profiles, it can affect the customer’s experience negatively. The expectations of the customers have changed with increased usage of the internet. They want to attain effective results while maintaining a secure experience. Companies dealing with age-restricted services or online selling of alcohol-related products used manual age checks through which they used to bound people but they all went in vain due to their ineffectiveness. Therefore, an online age verification solution needs to be embedded in the various industries to combat fraudulent 

activities before coming into reach of minors through illegal ways. 

Helping Businesses with Online Age Verification

Determining whether a person is liable enough to use a specific product can be challenging. The traditional way of age verification consisted of filling out information regarding the date of birth of the user which the minors easily dodged by inserting false information. For elders, typing out the same age details each time, they checkout from a site selling products like alcohol, e-cigarettes, etc. can be frustrating for them. Furthermore, a slow customer onboarding process will drive away individuals causing the business to lose hundreds of dollars. To verify age, 

online solutions have now entered the market which companies are applying to ensure secure customer onboarding. 

Performing Age Checks on Third-Party Individuals

Verifying an age of an individual before it is interlinked with a company enables them to check the authenticity of a client. To go further in this procedure, KYCC (abbreviated as Know Your Customer’s Customer) allows the firms to get to know about the third-party individuals their customers are dealing with and eliminate any potential risks of illicit crimes. Any associated people who are under the legal age barrier are confined before they access age-restricted products. According to shufti pro news, businesses and online services are rendered to apply age verification measures under the law passed by the UK government in December 2018. 

Various Sectors Enforcing An Online Age Verification Solution

The Gaming Sector

Online casinos and gambling sites require to determine the age of the individuals before they are given access to the game. Many scams ranging from bonus scams to invading into a profile’s credentials can occur if the user is not age verified. This can create a loss for both the player as well as the company as it will disrupt the customer’s gaming experience. In many countries, gambling has become legal yet different regions have their own jurisdictions upon which they need to apply an age verification solution to restrict minors from playing games in online casinos. 

Selling Alcohol-Related Products

Online alcohol sales have seen a boom in recent times. According to Statesman, underage drinking has seen a 20% rise due it ordering it via an app. Under the legal operators, underage drinkers can face hefty fines and lawsuits. The reputational risk of getting the attention of the public and society at large is also there for alcohol companies. 

E-Cigarettes and Drugs 

High school people get access to e-cigarettes and nicotine products more easily while they buy these products from online websites. Selling various flavors of vapes available online has caught the attention of minors who are lured to buy such products. Cannabis and other related drugs are sold online through hideous links. It might happen that people buy the product online from a site and sell it to the minors physically without getting caught by legal authorities. Therefore, properly reviewing the age checks of an individual is essential for the company.

Exploit Content

Getting exposure to illicit content can affect the mind of minors differently. The graphical content being available on age-restricted sites can impact the mental capabilities of an individual. They may perceive some elements in the wrong direction if they are not supervised rightly. 

Wrapping it Up

Businesses are digitally moving along while implementing new techniques to deal with fraudulent activities. Checking the age and identity of an individual, while they check out will cause the company to identify the true identity before any real purchase is made. Companies who are involved in selling age-restricted products need to devise an online age verification solution as soon as possible to counter fraudulent activities before they get within the reach of children. For this purpose, many companies are receiving acquisitions such as Shufti Pro Funding lately done by Updata Partners.

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