Ananya Pandey Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Net worth, Biography & More!!!

Ananya Pandey Age and Instagram

Ananya Pandey is a well-known Bollywood Actress. Ananya Pandey age is 22 and she has 19.6M Followers on Instagram. The Id of Ananya Pandey Instagram. Instagram is a platform of social media. Using this, you may tell others about you and whatever you would like to post on it by creating an account. You can put your identity as the opening of the biography and enter anything more you wish for yourself self if you select the option “Edit your profile.” You can upload anything like clips, photographs, or reels you prefer here.

Ananya Pandey Height

Ananya Pandey has a very good height. There is the dimension of Ananya Pandey Height. In the dimension of feet and inches, she is 5 feet 6 inches, in meter dimension, she is 1.70 m, while in Centimeter she is 170 cm.

Ananya Pandey Father

Ananya Pandey belongs to a celebrity family. Ananya Pandey Father is Bollywood Star. His original name is Suyash Pandey. He is also popular as his stage name is Chunky Pandey. Ananya Pandey is the elder daughter of Chunkey Pandey.

Ananya Pandey Height in Feet

Ananya Pandey’s height in Feet is 5. She has a very good look and a beautiful personality. Her acting is fascinating and she has many fans who want to know more about her lifestyle. She had started her career at Dharma Productions which is a top production and distribution company in India. 

Ananya Pandey Movies

Ananya Pandey is a shining star of Bollywood whose acting is outstanding. In the audience, there is a level of craze for Ananya Pandey Movies. She did act in many movies and her all movies are good. She made her debut with “Student of Years 2” which was directed by Punit Malhotra. This movie was loved by the audience.

Ananya Pandey did three movies till now. Her movies are “Student of the Year 2”, “Pati Patni Aur Woh”, and “Khaali Peeli”.

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Ananya Pandey Boyfriend

Whenever we talk about any actor or actress people always want to know that if they have felt someone or they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Media always keep noticing every activity of them and look for their attachment and affairs. In the same context, there was a rumor of Ananya Pandey Boyfriend.

Karan Jaising, who is an Indian model and entrepreneur had dated Ananya Pandey. This date created a misconception among the public and it turned into a rumor that he is Ananya’s boyfriend which is just hearsay.

Ananya Pandey Education

Ananya Pandey is very cool with her career. But you should know about Ananya Pandey Education as well. She completed her graduation from Dhiru Bhai Ambani International School. She also took part in Vanity Fair’s Le Bal des debutantes happening.

Ananya Pandey Mother

Indeed, Ananya Pandey’s name is professionally attached with her father Chunky Pandey because both are a celebrity. But you should also know about Ananya Pandey Mother. Ananya Pandey mother is Bhavna Pandey. She is a homemaker.

Ananya Pandey upcoming movies

We already know about the movies that Ananya Pandey did. But we should also know about Ananya Pandey’s upcoming movies. The upcoming movie of Ananya Pandey is Liger. This movie has a unique concept that would be interesting to watch.

Ananya Pandey Family

Like anyone else family, the star also has a family in which mother, father, siblings, children, and husband-wife exist. In Ananya Pandey Family there are four members and they live happily. Ananya Pandey’s father is Chunky Pandey, while her mother is Bhavana Pandey. She has only one sister Rysa Pandey.

Ananya Pandey net worth

The media and audience also keep an eye on the net worth of celebrities. You must have the curiosity to know about Ananya Pandey’s net worth. According to 2021, Ananya Pandey’s net worth is $3.2 Million. In India rupees, it is 25 crores. Her per movie income is 2 crores+. This is what she earns.

Ananya Pandey Biography

Behind every celebrity, there is a biography that is useful to inform the audience about that particular person. Like anybody else people also look for Ananya Pandey Biography. On different websites, you can find Ananya Pandey Biography that keeps you updated about her every general information.

Ananya Pandey wiki

Like biography, the wiki also plays the same role of informing people about a particular celebrity. In comparison to biography the wiki provides more detailed information. So, if you want to know more details about Ananya Pandey then you should prefer the Ananya Pandey wiki. It will help you to know her better.

Ananya Pandey Age and Birthday

The birthday of an individual is considered with the date and month when he or she was born. According to this concept, Ananya Pandey Birthday is 30th October. And she was born in the 1998 year. Ananya Pandey Age is 22-year old.

Ananya Pandey bf

According to the fact of Ananya Pandey’s bf status, she is still single. But rumors are mostly common among celebrities. So, an Indian model Karan Jaising was highlighted as Ananya Pandey’s bf. But it was completely a rumor.

Ananya Pandey Navel

If you will browse you will find many photos and videos of Ananya Pandey Navel. She is a hot actress who attracts her fans with her stunning beauty.

Ananya Pandey Twitter

Including other social media platforms, Ananya Pandey is active on Twitter as well. You can research Ananya Pandey Twitter account and follow her there.

Ananya Pandey Tattoo

A tattoo is the symbol of an actor and actress. So, they have their tattoo on their skin. Ananya Pandey’s tattoo was featured in her first movie “Student of the Year”.

Ananya Pandey college

Dhiru Bhai Ambani International School is considered as Ananya Pandey college.

Ananya Pandey Facebook

You can find Ananya Pandey amazing posts on Ananya Pandey Facebook. Many people follow her there.

Ananya Pandey Brother

People browse for Ananya Pandey Brother to know if she has any. But she doesn’t have a brother. She is the only two sisters of her parents.

Ananya Pandey Photoshoot

There are many pictures of Ananya Pandey Photoshoots on google. It’s easy to find.

Ananya Pandey Siblings

There is only one sister in Ananya Pandey Siblings other than her.

Ananya Pandey Sister

Rysa Pandey is the only Ananya Pandey Sister.

Ananya Pandey House

Ananya Pandey House is in the Pali Hill area of Mumbai.

Ananya Pandey Dob

30th October 1998 is Ananya Pandey DOB.


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