Best Paying Entry Level Jobs

What do you associate entry level jobs with? Is it any poorly paid and tedious work that has nothing to do with your education or aspirations? Well, it can be so. However, even when you start climbing the career ladder from the very bottom, your first jobs may become well paid, exciting, and inspirational. You just have to broaden the spectrum of options and choose an industry wisely. Specialists from Jooble, a leading job search engine worldwide, prepared a list of the best-paying entry-level jobs you could try. Most of them belong to the marketing, IT, and financial spheres. Have a look at the while looking for your entry-level full-time job. 

Marketing associate

Marketing associates are in charge of creating, planning, implementing, and tracking various advertising and marketing projects. They also understand how to analyze customers’ behavior to provide them with the most relevant activities. Marketing associates collect necessary data, work on trends forecasts, and estimate how satisfied customers are with the offered products or services. They work across various industries and later on can focus on some particular spheres. If you are getting a Bachelor’s degree in either Marketing or Business, and demonstrate analytical, numerical, and problem-solving skills, you will find yourself in this sphere even in an entry-level position. 

IT Business analyst

IT business analysts are (obviously) analyzing a company’s IT activities. They are also assessing how beneficial such activities are. Based on their research, these specialists recommend how various teams can improve their performance, increase efficiency, cut unnecessary costs, and implement new proven protocols. IT business analysts decode business needs and transform them into stable hard-and software solutions. Once the solutions get accepted, and the company starts implementing them, IT business analysts may also take part in staff training and monitoring the new systems’ work. Besides that, these specialists are also dealing with stakeholder management.

To get an entry-level job in this promising sphere, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or information technology. Diving into your duties, you will get a profound understanding of various IT systems, stakeholder management and identifying business IT needs. 

Investment associate

Investment associates deal with clients and provide them with necessary information via calls or during meetings. They address their requests or pass inquiries to other colleagues who have more background experience on the matter. Apart from accurately answering the questions from clients and keeping track of electronic correspondence, investment associates also maintain client data updated. Associates also ensure the needs of the clients are considered by respective departments and professionals. These specialists cooperate with attorneys, dealers, bankers and shareholders to identify clients’ investment options and offer them the most preferable conditions. They arrange investment panel papers and even manage necessary investigations for ongoing purchases. 

To become an investment associate, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in finance, analytical and problem-solving skills, and exceptional attention to detail. 

As you see, entry-level jobs don’t always automatically mean the lowest-paying ones. If you choose a promising and trending sphere, your chances to start with a pretty good salary increase dramatically. Sure, any industry can bring you lots of money if you work hard and love what you do. There are many other well-paying entry-level jobs that could help you achieve all your professional goals. Good luck!

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