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Blue Whale Bitten in Half – Who Is the Culprit?

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In 2021, what happened to the blue whales? Is there any chance that these reports are false? Who killed them if this is real? One of the reasons behind the blue whale bitten in half tragedy which is causing such a stir on social media is…

Take a deep breath because this is a Real Incident! The White Shark and not the Blue Whale was bitten in half.  The event which involves a white shark has made water and nature lovers angry. On many of the social media applications (such as Tik Tok) in 2021, it was shown that a blue whale bitten in half in South Africa 2020.

Many others mocked the news, claiming that the report was wrong and that the poor white shark deserves mercy. Let us now understand more about the South Africa Blue Whale bitten in half incident as a whole.

What is a Blue Whale?

Blue whales which are scientifically named Balaenoptera musculus are the biggest living mammals to be found on Earth. They are about 100 feet in length and weigh more than 200 tons. The weight of the tongue of a blue whale alone is higher than an elephant. They are Carnivorous, feeding on tiny creatures called krill. They can consume up to 4 tons of krill in one single day.

They appear blue, underwater, but actually, their appearance is a bit of grayish blue, on the water’s surface. The head of a blue whale is flat and broad. They have a long tapered body that ends on a wider note. They are found all over the world’s oceans, excluding the Arctic Ocean. They can communicate with and hear other whales almost from 1000 miles away.

Blue whales are also among the longest-living mammals on Earth. The age of the oldest whale, recorded is 100 years with an average life span of 80-90 years. Blue whales are not capable to protect themselves from predators hence they live under the fear of falling victim to shark attacks or other killer whales, and also from the impact of huge ships.

Who Bit the Blue Whale?

The blue whale was then captured by researchers by taking the help of a drone off the coasts of South Africa. They observed that the blue whale had been attacked by a blue shark, which bits its tail and dragged it down forcefully on its head till it drowned and got killed.

Reasons Megalodon Blue Whale Bitten In Half

  • The blue whale was found poorly bitten up on a coast far away, and people were in a panic because they had never seen anything like this before in their life.
  • Scientists have been also perplexed by the recent injuries to this giant sea fish. After many months of hard work & research, it is now finally become clear what may have injured such an enormous animal.  Recently, many rescued animals from other subspecies were also found with similar wounds!
  • After a few days, it was claimed that this whale may have died because of a natural death or a collision with some other large fish or boat.
  • It had some clear marks on its tail and blood over the water also. The reason for this may be a white grey shark, who is fond of biting.

What was the reality behind the South Africa“Blue Whale Bitten in Half” viral post on social media?

“Blue Whale Bitten in Half” was a post that has appeared on nearly every social networking platform. According to the reports a White Shark was allegedly spotted by a father and his son on Maui.

The facts and other speculations behind this shark attack on couples are still being investigated as an outcome of this amazing attack. The Megalodon Blue Whale Bitten, according to the findings, was bitten in half by a Great White Shark, not by the Blue Whale itself.

How did the Blue Whale end up on the coast?

  • A blue whale bit in half turned up on the coast in South Africa in 2020.
  • The news of the Blue Whale bitten In half 2020 South Africa went viral on social media sites, Tik Tok, etc. have created chaos in the minds of the people to see that the condition of the biggest mammal on the earth was bitten in half.
  • This incident gained popularity on social media all over the World. This type of incident also took place some years ago.
  • The research related to the incident showed that the great white shark was the reason behind this attack.
  • The speculations were also made of the blue whale being hit or collided with a huge boat or being eaten by a pair of whales.
  • It was not yet confirmed whether it was the illness of the blue whale or what that allowed the great white shark to attack them with such intensity.
  • The type of vigorous attack made has made the incident Megalodon vs Blue Whale 2020 incident more famous all over the world.

Facts related to the blue whale incident

  • In context to this incident, A father and son duo also spotted a white shark in Maui, which has made it more popular.
  • The witness by this duo and the confirmation provided by the international researchers about the bite of white sharks on the blue whale provide a solution for the question of Blue Whale Bitten In Half 2020.
  • This father-son duo was traveling on their kayak when they were got attacked by the great white shark. Somehow they managed to escape from this brutal shark attack.
  • The signs of the attack on their kayak have been confirmed by the scientists also.
  • The incident became very popular due to the rare sight of white sharks and the huge blue whales bitten in such conditions.


This incident of the Blue Whale Bitten in Half South Africa 2020 is going viral by the curiosity of people from all over the world to know more about the incident. There is still any doubt about the bite mark being from a great white shark or that it is made from some other unknown creature that is found in the aquatic world.

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