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Can You Vape Dry Herb?

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Consuming cannabis is a prevalent practice around the world. Millions of people are doing cannabis in different forms. Among the various modes available, one of the most prominent is smoking or vaping. While smoking is the traditional method, more people are shifting to vaping because of the convenience. Traditional vapes use e-liquids. However, this article shall study if one can use CBD vape and what are the benefits of using dry herb.

Benefits of Using Herbs 

Herbs are plants that do not have a stem. They are beneficial in adding flavors to food, medicine, or perfume. Some herbs are used for vaping or smoking for their varied benefits. Some herbs that people vape are green tea, passionflower, lemon balm, basil, eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, ginseng, etc. Some herbs carry natural remedies for many ailments. It becomes essential to take their benefits, and vaping the herbs is a good option. It can provide many benefits like pain relief, reducing stress, improving mental clarity, promoting sleep and relaxation, etc. Certain herbs have been in use for centuries to treat mental health issues like depression, anxiety, headache, insomnia, etc.

Get Benefits Of Dry Herb By Vaping

Vapes are usually considered a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaping dry herbs is popular among adult smokers. Vaping dry herbs against smoking are safer since vaping does not produce carcinogens or other toxic by-products. Some people consider vaping dry herbs better than vaping concentrated oils. According to them, vaping dry herbs is much more flexible as “it allows one to blend dry herbs and cannabis for a unique and personalized experience.” There are many other benefits to vaping dry herbs.

One of the many essential benefits of vaping dry herbs is that they are very convenient against the traditional way of making joints. Dry herb vaporizers are portable and thus very convenient. They are small in size and do not draw the unnecessary attention of people around you when vaping. It is also a faster and quicker way of taking in a few puffs any time you want. In traditional joint smoking, you have to go through the trouble of making a “joint” first and then going through it all. Vaping is less harmful than smoking since smoking brings dangerous toxins that may cause smoking-related health issues. Vapes can come in varied flavors that can be smooth to your mouth and lungs.

Dry Herb Vaporizer: Efficient Way Of Vaping Dry Herb

A herb vaporizer is used to vape dry herbs. It is different from traditional vapes that use liquid. Its mechanism heats the dry cannabis leaves and flowers; this creates a vapor that one vapes. It comes in two types; portable and desktop. A portable one is called a vape pen and is small in size and thus portable. It is a discreet and easy-to-use device. It allows you to vape whenever and wherever without taking much time setting it up. It is also discreet; hence it does not draw much attention. The desktop vaporizers are more significant and work after being attached to a power source. They are thus more suitable for use inside a household.

These devices further work on two different methods; conduction and convection. If a device is based on the conduction method, its inherent mechanism will directly contact the dry herb and heat it to create vapor. There is a plate inside that heats up and lights the dry herb. On the other hand, the devices based on the convection heating system use liquid or gas to produce vapor. They circulate hot air over the dry herb every time a person takes a drag from the vape. 

If these two types of vape devices are compared, it is evident that the convection-based vapes are much better and more effective. In conduction-based devices, direct heat is used that can cause the cannabis flower near the plate to become overheated. It may thus result in an unpleasant burnt taste of the cannabis. Further, even when you are not vaping or are between taking puffs, the mechanism of conduction vape may continue to burn the herb, thus wasting it.

In Short

There are different kinds of vapes available that allow one to vape dry herbs. These dry herb vaporizers come in different varieties and use distinct methods of heating the dry herb. Devices based on the convection method are much more convenient. Vaping is also more favorable than smoking for it is convenient, discreet, time-saving, and cheap. Color changing vape juice is also getting popular in the market. One can thus easily, and quite affordably, vape dry herb, given the suitable device.

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