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Frasers hospitality: the best place to be

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Frasers hospitality never disappoints when choosing the ideal corporate accommodation option for foreign staff and relocating employees. If you need a place for your upcoming birthday party or a room for your stay in Singapore, Frasers hospitality has you covered. Frasers hotel gives the best experience to all visitors regardless of where they come from.

Singapore’s colonial heritage and melting-pot culture, the hotel combines collective ambition and economic prosperity to give the city a unique flavour. From the exquisite buildings of colonial times to visionary and bold architectural flourishes to colourful Peranakan shophouses facades, Frasers hospitality is as eclectic as Singapore itself. Your reservation is just a click away; simply visit https://www.frasershospitality.com/en/ and make your reservations today.

Regardless of where you are travelling around the globe, Fraser’s hospitality is waiting to welcome you. The hotel has a myriad of deals and perks to make your stay sweet regardless of your period of stay. At Frasers hospitality, you will enjoy the best rates, early-bird offers, savings, and complimentary breakfast that will male you lengthen your stay at Frasers.

Why would you choose Frasers hospitality?

Besides the best mouth-watering deals, here are some other reasons why graders should be your resting destination as you travel around the world.

a.Frasers is located at a strategic cultural capital.

Singapore is a highly rewarding traveller destination worldwide with world-class cultural offers, mouth-watering cuisine, soul-stirring scenery, national parks, and fascinating history. If you ask any traveller why they love Singapore as their resting destination, you will be thrilled with lyrical waxes about the island’s dramatic contrasts. The city has Various sceneries, from the colourful Peranakan buildings to the impeccably grand galleries that make this city worth visiting.

b.The hotel has the warmest welcome ever.

Behind current Singapore, there is a fascinating history that tells how a fishing village transformed into a cultural heavyweight and economic powerhouse. Much about the city’s past is seen in the monumental architecture and museums, and graders hotel gives you a chance to know all about this. Besides that, the kind of welcome you can receive at Frasers hotel is second to none; it brings a feeling of being at home away from home.

c.Delicious world and Singapore cuisine

Frasers has a unique delicacy that can meet your taste regardless of where you come from. At Frasers, food comes first since it is central to Singaporean culture. If you wish to enjoy a Singaporean delicacy, you are sure to get it at Frasers. Fragrant spiked laksa, Nyonya dumplings, biryani, Hokkien mee, and chill spiked crab food is assuredly a Singaporean dish, and you will get it simmering, steaming, and sizzling at every corner of the Singapore streets and especially at Frasers hotel.


Frasers hospitality prides itself in offering the best and most unique services to its guests via its gold standard serviced hotel rooms, Boutique lifestyle hotels across various continents like Europe, Asia, Africa, the middle east, and Australia. Having emerged from two Singapore properties, Fraser’s hospitality is now among the world’s fastest-growing and large serviced and hotel residence providers. Built with lifestyle preferences, this global operator has three gold standard serviced residence offerings Fraser residence, Fraser suite, and Fraser place.

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