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Hiring Scala Developers in 2022: How to Identify the Best Specialists in a Developing Industry

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Do you want to hire a dedicated Scala developer, but you don’t know where to start? The Scala language is primarily used by specialist software and data engineers, as well as some data scientists who use it in addition to Apache Spark for processing huge volumes of data. This can make hiring Scala developers difficult for most companies because the skills are hard to find. 

What is Scala? Everything you need to know before hiring Scala coders

Before you get Scala professionals on your team, you should know what it is. Scala stands for Scalable Language. It’s a multi-paradigm programming language that includes features of both functional and object-oriented programming, and its source code is compiled into bytecode and executed by Java virtual machine. You will need Java Virtual Machine capabilities to get started with it. Scala is popular because it grows with the demands of the users, from writing small scripts to building a massive system for data processing. Scala is different from Java because it uses nested functions, and every value is an object. Popular Scala frameworks include Play, Spark, and Lift, so you should look for Scala coders that are familiar with these technologies. 

You might hire a Scala JS developer for data processing, distributed computing, or web development. Scala also powers the data engineering infrastructure of several companies.

What to look for when you hire a dedicated Scala developer

There are a few things you should look for when you start searching for a Scala developer for hire. Academic qualifications are usually the first thing you should look for, but these days many tech companies are more flexible and interested in skills, not degrees. Most Scala developers will have a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree in Computer Science. If they have any certificates related to Scala skills, consider it a bonus. There are a few courses available to coders and Scala developers, but many learn on the job, so don’t insist on certification. 

Experience is what counts when it comes to Scala. Even if someone isn’t qualified or experienced with Scala, they can learn from team members provided they have the right experience. Look for a developer that knows JVM, SQL, or has experience building APIs or working on PUSH technology. If they have worked with UI frameworks before, that’s a plus. 

Your ideal candidate should be able to build software in different environments and have the ability to detect system failures (and monitor them). 

There are also soft skills you should look out for. Developers work in teams, often remotely. The person you hire should be a good communicator, fast learner, and problem-solver. Look for someone that will be an excellent cultural fit for the rest of your team. Additional research on this topic can be found at this link.

Interview Questions for Scala developers 

When you have your interview with your Scala developers, you should have some questions prepared that will gauge their skill level:

  • Ask them what other languages they’ve worked with and how they compare to Scala. 
  • Check their understanding of how to work with various Scala tools and give them case studies to see how they would approach and fix problems in each situation. 
  • Ask your developers to describe what they know about functional and imperative paradigms.
  • Ask them if they have read any interesting books, papers, or forums about Scala. 
  • Ask whether or not they have any code or articles on Github. 
  • Test their knowledge of Scala libraries. 
  • Ask them whether or not they have experience with Scalalogic and Scala Js development. 

It’s a good idea to do a background check on each candidate. Ask for work samples and enquire about the general performance of the sites they’ve worked on, the apps they may have built, and any programming languages they’ve handled. Always check customer reviews or references from previous employers.


Skilled Scala developers are always in demand. It’s not always easy to hire a dedicated Scala developer within the timeframe you need, but if you know what to look for, it narrows your search. Make sure that you prepare your questions and criteria before you start advertising. The right candidate will come along in due time!

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