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How Can Sellers Buy Products From Alibaba and Sell Them on Amazon?

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Do you have plans to set up your own business on Amazon? If yes, then you might be at that stage where you look for available options from where you can source the products you want to sell.

Well, there are various places that you can check out and get your goods from. However, Alibaba has now become the most preferred platform for sellers around the world to source products at affordable rates.

In this blog, we’ve discussed the steps you need to take to purchase your products from Alibaba and start selling them on Amazon.  

1. Alibaba: A leading B2B platform

Well, who doesn’t know about Alibaba.com? It has grown in popularity in such a short span of time with around 1.28 billion active consumers around the world. It is a Chinese multinational e-commerce platform that focuses on retail with a twist of technology. The company acts as a bridge and connects businesses from around the world with wholesalers that reside in China.

These wholesalers produce an array of different products that are available to the brands looking to buy huge amounts of them. Once the brand places an order, the products will be sent out to the address as a B2B transaction.

However, the platform doesn’t only entertain businesses, it also caters to everyday shoppers. Furthermore, you won’t even have to worry about the safety of your payments, since the platform also owns a payment system, known as “Alipay.com”, that makes sure all the transactions are secure.

2. Why are sellers using Alibaba.com more than any other platform?

You might be thinking why so many online sellers, especially Amazon sellers acquire their goods from Alibaba. This is due to a variety of factors. To begin with, many individuals choose to source from Alibaba.com since it is an easy-to-understand, intuitive website.

Because it is user-friendly- easy to navigate, the consumers will not encounter any difficulty while using the website. Results include offerings from multiple sellers giving buyer multiple options to choose from. All you have to do is enter the title of the item you are looking for, and the list will appear right in front of you instantly.

Another reason why Alibaba.com is gaining popularity is that all the goods are reasonably priced. This is due to the fact that the products are made locally in China, and the labor is cheap. While all these items manufactured are of great quality, they are far more economical than any other marketplace around the world.

3. Steps to get your products from Alibaba.com

Before getting into the steps, it is important to understand that there are a few risks associated with Alibaba, so proceed with caution. Don’t trust every supplier that is present on the platform. It’s best to stick with vendors who have a good reputation and have got good reviews. You’ll be less likely to run across any issues this way.

  • Do your research

This first stage is to do your research and take time to go through different categories to identify which ones are the most profitable. Don’t just choose a product. Make sure you analyze the competitors, position in the market, possible price point you could sell under, etc. Ideally, you should buy products at a lower cost and then sell them on Amazon at an increased price.

You will increase your profits this way while selling at a competitive price. Make sure to visit different websites and stores to determine which items are the best to sell and easy to source.

  • Create an account on Alibaba

After you’ve done your research and determined what items you want to have in stock to sell on Amazon, you’ll have to open an account on Alibaba.com Alibaba offers free accounts to both, sellers as well as basic shoppers.

After setting up the account, you can check out the stores of all the manufacturers to see which ones offer the items you require.

  • Keep searching for the products you need!

Don’t make a rushed decision. Once you’re done with creating the account, start looking for products and take your time. You can use the search engine present on the site to explore various categories of products.

If you need additional information regarding the products you wish to buy to resell on Amazon, you can click on the products to open up the product detail page.

  • Make sure to keep product cost in mind

When looking through the range of product choices, you should try to choose the items that are the most cost-effective, yet profitable for your brand. Keep in mind that if you want to sell on Amazon, you have to compete with thousands of sellers to stay ahead and win the Amazon Buy Box. You can’t sell at a higher price point on Amazon, but you can also not compromise on your profit margin. Alibaba provides the option of “chat now” so that you can interact with the suppliers and negotiate on the price. You can also use this option to clear all the doubts you might have regarding the quality of the product.

The best way to go about it is to find suppliers that are offering the highest quality items at the most affordable rates. When you are convinced that you’ve identified a good seller, go through the reviews to see if they’re trustworthy. Once again, don’t compromise on product quality. There might be scammers who’d charge you a higher price and deliver poor quality product. Get fully satisfied and then place your order. 

Also, see if they follow Amazon’s FBA guidelines and have trade insurance.

  • Pay attention to the shipping process

You must first decide how your products will be delivered to you before you complete your transaction. In most cases, you will discover that most of the suppliers are willing to work with you and agree on your terms. Here are the two methods you can use to get your products shipped:

·         The first choice is to ship by sea; however, it will take some time for your goods to arrive. As a result, it might not be a great alternative for customers that require their stock to be delivered quickly.

·         Transporting products by air is the second option. Although this choice might be a little costly, it is also the fastest way to get your products on time. Buyers who need things can pay a higher price.

4. Place your order

The last step is to complete your order by finalizing it. Pay for your goods either by bank transfer or by using PayPal. Choose a payment method that is the easiest for you.

5. Start selling

Your hard work doesn’t stop there. Once your products are delivered by Alibaba to the mentioned address or the Amazon warehouse, you have to start selling on Amazon.

To boost the visibility of your brand, you will have to list your items, add attractive product images and write descriptions before you start marketing. Make sure to keep a check on the success rate of your products. Also, keep your product prices competitive to win the Amazon Buy Box, so that you get maximum sales.

In conclusion,

Sourcing products from Alibaba for Amazon is quite an easy process. However, you must choose a trustworthy supplier to purchase your stock. Don’t compromise on the quality of your products if you are paying a price for them. Check and recheck, before you make a decision.

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