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How Old Do You Have to Work at Starbucks? Does Starbucks hire teens?

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We’ve always been attracted by the fact that Starbucks hires teenagers to work in their stores. It seems like a brilliant way to get young people into customer service and sales positions, but is it legal? Let’s find out how old you have to work at Starbucks? and many more things related to teen jobs at Starbucks.

How Old do you Have to Work at Starbucks?

There is always a question in mind: how old do you have to work at Starbucks? If you’re interested in working at Starbucks, you must be at least 16 years old. There are exceptions based on your country’s child labor laws, though. You can apply for retail jobs at Starbucks, like baristas and shift supervisors. Additionally, Starbucks provides a limited number of internships, which are primarily available to current employees.

Starbucks Employees Requirements

You may be wondering what kind of skills you need to have to become a barista at Starbucks. The truth is, there are no specific requirements that apply to working at Starbucks. What matters most is how you perform on the job and whether or not you can handle the responsibilities of being an employee at this company. As long as your personality fits with their corporate culture and values, then it should be up to them whether or not they want your services!

They do require employees who can work quickly, accurately, and efficiently under pressure with minimal supervision from managers. However, these skills don’t necessarily mean that someone has been trained in making lattes before getting hired by Starbucks (although the stores offer training programs for their employees).

You must have a high school diploma or GED and be able to read, write, and understand English well enough to complete an application for entry-level jobs with them. If you do not meet these requirements when applying for a job at Starbucks, they may ask you to send additional documentation verifying your eligibility before granting access to their hiring process or providing any employment opportunities.

Starbucks Employees Benefits

As a Starbucks employee, you will have access to a host of benefits that include health insurance and dental. Starbucks also offers vision benefits and life insurance as part of its employee package. One bag of coffee each week may carry out home by employees, and they also get a flat 30% discount on all items. Additionally, employees have the option to buy stock and receive 1 bag of coffee each week. Starbucks employees have access to health insurance, reduced food and drink prices, and other advantages.

Additionally, the staff is free to have as many lattes as they want while working, and most drinks are free during breaks. However, these advantages may vary depending on your location.

Starbucks Employees Skills

Baristas must have these skills:

1) They should have a positive attitude and good communication skills.

2) You have the ability to do work in a hectic environment.

3) should be able to work well in a team environment with other people who are also working in the same department.

4) Reliability is important because if your order doesn’t come out exactly how it’s presumed to, you could end up losing money for yourself or even worse, losing customers’ trust! If something goes wrong at Starbucks, there will always be someone who can fix it—but if this person isn’t reliable enough, then no one will trust them either…and then all those people who didn’t order anything because they didn’t want any coffee today will still be without their drinks until tomorrow morning when everyone else gets their drinks back again (or rather before).

5) Performs well

6) The ability to handle multiple tasks at once.

How Much Experience is Needed to Work at Starbucks? 

You might be thinking about how much experience is needed to work at Starbucks. Let us tell you there is no specific experience mandatory to work at Starbucks. You only require a passion to work at Starbucks. That’s it.

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How Much Does Starbucks Pay to their Employees?

There is a common question coming to everyone’s mind: how much does Starbucks pay its employees? Starbucks usually pays based on the number of hours you work at entry-level jobs, which is:

1) $8-$15 per hour for baristas

2) $9-$18 per hour for Shift Supervisor

3) $9-$20 per hour for Shift Manager

And for the remaining two roles, Starbucks pays between $30000 and $49000 to the assistant store manager and between $33000 and $70000 to the store manager. Now, let’s get to know about how to file a Starbucks job application.

How to Apply at Starbucks?

If you fulfill the minimum Starbucks age requirement, you are eligible to work at Starbucks. To apply for a job at Starbucks, you’ll need to go to their website, click on the “career” section, and fill out an application form. Once you’ve done that, submit it and wait for a response from the company. If you choose to work as an employee, they will contact you via phone or email to set up an interview at their location of choice (usually one of their stores).

Once you had appointed as an employee, you will receive a training manual and a schedule of shifts. You’ll have to work the hours specified in your shift schedule, but if something comes up (like illness or a family emergency), you can call your manager and inform them of this so they can adjust accordingly.

You can also apply by going to the Starbucks where you want to work and filling out the application in person.


We hope that we have been able to answer all your questions about how old you have to work at Starbucks. Rest assured that there is no hard and fast rule as to what you should expect in terms of salary and benefits. It’s important to note that every company has different policies, so do some research before applying.

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