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Humidor Seasoning

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What’s a Humidor?

A humidor is a box that maintains constant moisture that’s used to store cigars. Humidor boxes are generally constructed of wood and are also made of accouterments similar to tempera, glass, and essence. The interior is generally lined with Spanish cedar or mahogany wood veneer.

Cigar Preservation Overview

Cigars generally absorb their terrain much like a sponger which can have a dramatic impact on the way they bomb and feel. However, cigars can turn dry or come exorbitantly impregnated, If they’re kept in a lower than the optimal environment. However, your cigars will progress, burn and bomb in perfect balance, If they’re stored duly.

For optimum cigar preservation, your humidor is stylishly kept outdoors in temperatures under 77 degrees. Average room temperatures are frequently maintained by air exertion and fall between 68- 77 degrees so in utmost cases temperature is a commodity that you don’t need to worry about.

The ideal relative moisture( RH) position for cigar conservation in a humidor ranges between 64- 72. Depending on the smoker’s preference, this range can be advanced or lower. still, one should always avoid moisture situations over 75 or temperatures over 77 degrees due to the threat of earth growth or setting tobacco beetles which can potentially ruin your cigars.

Humidor Components

Passive Humidifiers

A cigar humidifier is generally a blockish or round-structured plastic device that’s perforated with reflections designed to emit humidity in a humidor. The inside of a humidifier generally contains a sponge-like froth core that stores moisture. utmost cigar humidifiers are “ unresistant ”, releasing contained moisture through prolixity and evaporation. Passive humidifiers are first soaked in water before they’re set up inside the humidor. They keep the humidor wettish which in turn helps keep the cigars wettish. Passive humidifiers need to bere-soaked or “ recharged ” once the humidity situations begin to drop within the humidor. When propylene glycol result isn’t available( this is covered in lesser detail below), distilled water should be used when soaking the humidifier due to its lower bacteria, mineral, and cumulative content.

Electronic humidor

Electronic humidors are humidification systems that automatically maintain moisture situations with a humidor. Unlike unresistant humidifiers, electronic humidifiers don’t bear-soaking on a regular base as they come with sizeable erected-in water budgets that last for extended ages of time. These units generally run untouched over to 1 time without refilling. The electronic humidor cigar is equipped with a detector that measures the moisture within the humidor and also activates an erected- supplementary addict, which draws air across an internal water force and releases humidity into the humidor. Once the preset relative moisture position has been achieved( which is set on the outside of the device), the addict stops. generally, electronic humidifiers come with an audible alarm tone to notify you when the water position is low in the force. Because of their features, electronic humidifiers can maintain far more stable moisture situations than their unresistant humidifier counterparts.

Seasoning a Humidor

How to Season the Interior of a Humidor

When setting up a new humidor for the first time, remove any dust from the manufacturing process by wiping down the innards with a clean DRY cloth. The seasoning process that’s bandied then’s designed to bring the wood lining inside the humidor as close as possible to operating relative moisture. The wood lining inside the humidor acts as a buffer to regulate humidity so it must be treated duly before introducing the cigars.

To begin, if the humidor is new or has not been used for some time, place a small shallow coliseum or vessel of distilled water inside the box. Close the lid and let it sit and adjust for 12- 24 hours. Once the time has passed, if a large portion of the water has faded,re-fill the coliseum an alternate time and leave it inside the cigar humidor for another 24 hours. Once the water stops sinking, do to the coming step “Charing the Humidifier”.

Another generally used system for seasoning a humidor is to wipe the innards down with a clean cloth dampened with distilled water. The cloth shouldn’t be fully soaked. Please ensure that distilled water is used sparingly as inordinate quantities can beget the wood to underpinning.

To simplify this procedure, a Cigar Oasis electronic humidifier can season the innards of a humidor within 8 hours without the need of going through the way over.

The previous wood innards of a used humidor tend to absorb humidity from its humidifier and cigars and in turn, can leave the smoker with dried-out smokes.

Charging the Humidifier

Just before loading cigars into the humidor, remove the cigar humidifier unit from the box( this is the sponger- suchlike a plastic device that’s soaked in distilled water). Submerge the cigar humidifier in distilled water or Humidifier Solution for 30 twinkles. Remove it from the water or result, dry it and set it face down on a paper kerchief for 30 twinkles. This is to allow any redundant water to escape from the humidifier so that water leakage onto the cigars is avoided. Once this step is complete, secure the humidifier to the inside of the box using the included velcro glue or attractions. The humidor is now seasoned and the cigars can now be set outside.

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