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Things You Need To Know About the Drinks You Consume Daily!

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From the time you are born, you consume a lot of drinks. From hot drinks to cool drinks, there are various kinds of fluids you pour into your body. Some are essential to your body like water, without which you can’t survive. And some other drinks are purely for taste and pleasure like thick shakes and alcohol. There are a variety of drinks that your body will bear throughout your entire life.

While fluids are essential to your body, you should be mindful of what you’re having and how much you’re having. Excessive consuming will ultimately lead to various health issues that you’d have to deal from an early age. Even consuming water in high quantities is not good for your health. There’s a limit to everything and the same goes to the fluids you have as well.

So, to help you aware about the drinks you consume daily, we’ve curated this blog by collecting interesting and mindful points about the beverages. These drinks are divided into levels starting from what you should consume to what should be limited. We will start with the level 1 drink and that is water.


Water is the most essential fluid that your body requires for the optimal function of all the body organs. As our body is mostly made up of water, you need to replenish this fluid which is lost because of the activities like metabolism, breathing, sweating, and the other waste removal. You have to frequently drink water to maintain the water level so that your body has enough fluid to perform all the relevant functions.

The amount of water you drink varies from person to person, region to region and climate to climate. People living in tropical areas need high water content as more water is lost due to climatic conditions. And those who live in cold regions need less water intake. 

It also depends on the physical activity you are performing throughout the day. A person who is active needs more water than the one who is leading a sedentary lifestyle. 

On an average, you have to drink 8 glasses of water per day. And it’s important to consume in small quantities more times than drinking more water all at once. 

You might easily forget drinking water because of the busy schedules. However, it’s recommended to remind yourself to drink it so that your body doesn’t feel dizzy and faint. 

Tea and Coffee

The second level beverages are tea and coffee which are the highest consuming drinks after water. Almost everyone on this earth has a habit of drinking either tea or coffee with or without milk. 

If you are having them without milk, then they are calorie-free drinks consisting of antioxidants, and other biologically active substances. One of such drinks is green tea which is one of the healthiest teas in the world. Read here to know more about the amazing health benefits of green tea

Also, coffee is also a healthy drink when taken in limited amounts. It helps to fight against the type 2 diabetes. However, one should be conscious of the caffeine intake as it take react negatively if taken in high amounts.

Both tea and coffee are healthy, when consumed in limit. However, if you add milk, sugar, cream, whipped cream, and other sweeteners, then the beverage will become a non-healthy one. And when you consume such kind in high amounts, you will be falling victim to diabetes, obesity, and heart related issues. 

If you’re a tea or coffee lover, then make note of how many times you’re drinking and what you’re including in it. It helps you to be mindful of what you’re consuming throughout the day.

Milk and Soy beverages

Milk is rich calcium and vitamin D and is one of the healthiest drinks if consumed without the addition of sugar and other sweeteners. It’s also healthy to children who need the elements present in it for an active growth. 

And for those who are lactose intolerant, soy beverages are the best alternative to milk which also contain the same amount of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Both are healthy and can be consumed daily in limit.

When it comes to milk, there are two types – low-fat or skim milk and whole milk. Skim milk is best for those who don’t want to add extra fat in their diet. And they contain the same amount of protein and calcium as that of whole milk. 

However, even the low-fat milk contains calories and excessive consumption may lead to problems like prostate and ovarian cancer. So, it’s best for the adults to limit the milk intake to one glass per day, provided that you’re getting calcium for other food sources. 

And for children, you can give two glasses of whole milk per day. This is not the exact number but it’s enough to provide the sufficient nutrition without overwhelming the milk amount.

Sweetened beverages without calories

Diet sodas and other diet drinks come under this category where artificial sweeteners are added to the drink. They are relatively better than the calorie dense cool drinks. However, the diet drinks are also said to aid weight gain if consumed frequently in high quantities.

The diet sodas and other diet drinks are for the people who want to stop the habit of drinking calorie dense drinks. They are exactly like the nicotine patches for those who want to stop smoking.

Though they are less in calories, it’s better to not get addicted to them. They are better as an occastional treat but should be drunk frequently on a daily basis.

Also, drinking these beverages will quench your thirst in a non-healthy way. In the place where you should be drinking water, you are drinking a soda which is not what your body wants.

So, always keep a water bottle handy whenever you’re going outside like shopping, travelling, etc.

Calorie dense drinks but with also nutrients

Beverages like fruit and vegetable juices, whole milk, sports drinks, vitamin-enhanced waters, and alcohol come under this category. While all these drinks have positive points, they also have negative effects when consumed in high quantities.

It’s always to better to consume fruit as a whole rather than a drink. Even if you want to have juice, it’s better to not add water or sugar to it. Vegetable juices are in low calorie but are high in sodium content so it may not suitable for those who have high blood pressure. 

Sports drinks contain fewer calories and also have sodium, chloride, and potassium in small amounts. Sports drinks are not for those who do minimal exercises. They are for those who do longer hours of exercise and who sweat a lot.

If you take daily doses of vitamins, then you don’t need vitamin-enhanced water. And as for alcoholic beverages, consuming them in limited quantity and occasionally doesn’t do any harm.

All the above beverages are good when taken in limited quantities. You should not overwhelm the amount you consume as you can get addicted to them and may suffer hazardous complications. 

High calorie sweet beverages

Beverages like soft drinks, fruit drinks, milk shakes, thick shakes, lemonade, etc. come under this category. These drinks are extremely high in calories and contain less to no nutritional value. They contain high levels of sugar and these carbonated drinks are a perfect no as a daily drink. You may have them as an occasional drink but make sure to go less on other intake of foods that day. If you consume these drinks on a daily basis, you will soon may develop type 2 diabetes and gain weight. Both are not good for your body and health and you will have to face many issues when you’re becoming older.

Also, fruit smoothies, flavoured coffee and tea, some energy drinks also come under category that are not at all a healthy options as a daily drink. 

It’s better for the adults to stay away from these drinks. Though they are excellent on your palate, they don’t do any good to your body organs and blood. And as for kids, its better if you’re not letting them getting habituated to these kind of drinks. Because child obesity is real and they may lead a difficult life growing up into an adult.

How to curb the desire to drink sweetened drinks?

When it comes to staying away from smoothies and other sweet drinks, it’s easier said than done. After all, we all want to indulge in a sweet drink once in a while. It’s fine as long as you’re keeping it occasional and not adding more calories the day you have them.

However, some people find it hard to stop the habit of having these drinks. Though difficult, you have to make a switch to healthier drinks like green tea and organic tea (read here the reasons to choose organic tea over conventional tea).

Slowing decreasing the amount of the sweetened drink is best for those who want to quit the habit. Take the process gradual and you will see yourself stop having them in a healthy way. You will develop a sense of control of what you’re consuming and be mindful of what you’re eating and drinking in a day. 

Doing lifestyle changes will also help you stay away from these drinks. Including physical activity, practising on a hobby, going out for a stroll, etc., will make your mind your clear and makes you stay in control of what you’re having throughout the day.’

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