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Know the tips buy digital lock in Singapore

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Digital lock is a new way to protect your business or home from theft. In the same way that you use a physical lock on your door, digital locks can be used to keep people out or prevent someone from accessing your computer and other devices. This technology is both reliable and easy to use. If you need to buy digital lock in Singapore, here are solutions that you can choose from.

1. Fingerprint lock

You can use your fingerprint sensor instead of a pin or password for digital locks. A fingerprint sensor is a device that is connected to your computer or smart phone and recognises your fingerprints. You can programme the device to recognise only you, so no one else will be able to log in. When you take your finger off the sensor, it unlocks the lock and allows access. This type of lock is very flexible and affordable. You can use it on your home computer or in the office where there are lots of people coming and going.

2. Multifunctional digital lock

Some digital locks can do a lot more than just keep people out of your computer. You can manage your entire network from one device through multifunctional locks. Consider this if you want to buy digital lock in Singapore. The device is hooked up to CCTV cameras and allows users to see who is in the building or office at any moment, as well as check on activity from the last few hours or days. Many devices also include keys, so you can still unlock the door if you don’t have access to a computer or smart phone.

3. RFID card

To make the process of unlocking your door even quicker, you can use an RFID card instead of a pin or password. You place the card in a special holder and leave it in the lock when you are ready to leave for the day. The card is then deactivated and no one else, not even a key, can get into your office or home. It also prevents anyone who manages your office from knowing if you have left without locking the door behind you. Besides being very secure and affordable, this technology also lessens repair costs because it makes devices more dependable.

4. Electronic Padlock

A padlock that is connected to an electronic device is a good option for keeping people out of an area. You can give a key only to those who have permission to go into the room or office, and you can also monitor activity with video cameras. If someone attempts to pick the lock or otherwise break into the building, you will be alerted immediately. It is also very convenient because you don’t need a key to get in; instead, all you need to do is press a button and it opens right up.

5. Biometric fingerprint lock

Digital locks are often used in combination with biometrics so that no one can access the device without your fingerprints. To buy digital lock in Singapore you can choose to use your fingerprints, password, or face for the lock. The number of people who have access is also very flexible. You can set it so that only a certain person or group of people can get into the building. The best part about this type of lock is that you don’t have to remember an elaborate code for each person who uses the device.


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