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9 Best Movies to Boost the Confidence

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Watching movies is one of the best and leading activities for youngsters. To a large extent, movies also significantly impact viewers’ lives. Additionally, after watching the inspirational film, you get the chance to have a healthy discussion with your friends. 

Aside from that, sometimes you will feel low and sad due to any reason. At that time, watching an inspirational movie will boost your confidence. When you search for these movies, you will get a long list. It is essential to spend quality time watching the best movies. 

So, here is the list of the eight best movies that will surely boost your confidence.

  1. The man who knew infinity 

Isn’t the name of this movie fascinating? By reading this title, you will get a little idea about the film. It is based upon the untold story of the brilliant mind of his generation. Have you heard about Srinivasa Ramanujan? His passion for mathematics took him from the slum area of India to Cambridge university in the early 20th century.

2. Chak de India 

In this movie, the king of romance, Sharukh Khan, played the role of Kabir Khan, who is the coach of the Indian Women’s National Hockey team. His main motto was to get the victory against the different odds. After losing his name and fame in this picture, he tried hard to earn this again. 

The way Sharukh Khan delivered the dialogues in this movie is commendable. When you see the film’s end, your confidence will surely boost.¬†

3 Idiots 

The 3 idiots movie has a great fan following. It is based upon the Indian education system that puts pressure on the learner and kills their creativity. Aside from it, you will also see the love angle between Rancho and Pia. 

There is a similarity between this movie and the book “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat. Hence, do not forget to add this movie to your wishlist. 

4. The theory of everything 

After watching this movie, you will find positivity around you for sure. By watching the movie “The Theory of Everything,” you will get the chance to explore the precious moments of Stephen Hawking’s life. Additionally, this movie will create a pleasing ambiance around you.

So, if you find yourself in the sea of negativity, instead of diving into it, watch this movie. You can also search here when you face problems while accessing a website to watch this movie. 

5. Living is easy with eyes closed.

This movie will surely give you a powerful lesson. Different characters meet by chance in this movie, and the story begins. This film will teach you that a person must always work with a realistic vision, how the small things bring happiness in your life, and strange goals can be life-changing. 

6. Moonrise Kingdom

In this movie, two youngsters decide to flee society and stay in the forest. The viewer will see the two scenarios in the film. One is the life of youngsters in the woods, and the second one is related to efforts that their families make to search for them. You will learn the best way to enjoy small moments. 

7. Forrest Gump

Another movie that you can watch this upcoming weekend is Forrest Gump. After watching this movie, you will find your confidence level on the next level. The story of this movie is based upon the way Forrest Gump lives the incredible life after facing too many disadvantages. 

8. Star Wars

In this movie, you will see how a small lost farm boy named Luke Skywalker grows up and turns into a powerful Jedi and savior of the Galaxy. It is one of the exciting movies that will teach you a great lesson. 

This movie will surprise you, but various factors and incidents will boost your confidence. I know you will learn that it does not matter where you are; I know you can quickly get fantastic things. 

9. The Lion King 

No doubt, it is an ideal movie for kids, but you can also watch it. You will see how Simba loses everything and rises again with great strength. After watching the struggle of Simba, your confidence will reach the next level. You will observe how Simba handles the situation when his father dies. 

Even you may feel emotional too. Additionally, you will get the chance to sing songs like “Hakuna Matata” as well as “Just Can’t-Wait to be a king.” 

These are nine confidence booster games that you must watch. You will surely enjoy your weekends by watching this movie. 

Final Verdicts 

So, these are the best movies that you must watch once in your life. All you can do is make a list of movies and watch them one by one to make your weekend memorable.

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