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True and Tried Tips to Calm Your Nerves During Competitive Exam Preparation

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It is quite obvious that competitive exams bring stress and nervousness. This stress and a slight case of nerves are generally experienced by a myriad of aspirants during the preparation phase. We can say that hypertension and anxiety go hand in hand while studying for the strenuous exam.

Note that long-term nervousness can severely affect your performance. Nervousness impacts your focusing ability, memory and even causes thoughts to race which in turn has a negative effect on your preparation. Therefore, net let this nervousness overpower your mind if you really want to crack a competitive exam.

You need to keep yourself away from negativity and distractions to fend off nervousness. Well, there are numerous ways which can help you out in this case. In this article, we have penned down some proven tips that can aid in calming your nerves during competitive exam preparation.

With the competitive exams approaching close, a plethora of candidates are studying laboriously. Some of them start studying on their own whereas the rest of them seek the guidance of experts to ace their preparation.

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Whether you are doing self-study or preparing with the help of an institute, you may have to deal with tension and stress till the exam date. Therefore, to keep your worries at bay, go through all the magical tips mentioned in this article. 

Here is a list of remedies that can aid in calming your nerves before appearing in the competitive exam: 

  • Diet matters a lot

Let us tell you that frazzled nerves and anxiety stem from a poor diet schedule. It has been observed that college students often ignore their diets and develop bad eating habits. Poor diet plans lead to excessive nervousness which stifles the mind’s natural ability to concentrate and execute.

There is no denying the fact that the ability to concentrate and remember information is critical to success. Therefore, make sure to have proper nutrition through a balanced diet to tackle the stress of exams. Here are some soothing techniques you can follow to keep yourself calm: 

  • Eat magnesium-rich foods such as spinach and swiss chard. 
  • Intake foods rich in antioxidants such as beans, fruits and berries. 
  • Eat foods that are rich in probiotics such as kefir, sauerkraut, pickles etc. 
  • Study perfectly

The prime reason for nervousness is lack of preparation, unclear concepts and an incomplete syllabus. Well, if you follow a fruitful study strategy that is needed to master the preparation, you will probably feel less worried. Moreover, You will be able to complete your syllabus on time. This way, you can save yourself from cramming at night, skipping sleep and rushing through topics.

Therefore, it is advisable to craft a timetable and start exam preparation as early as possible. If you start your preparation at least 3-4 months prior to the exam date, it will be easy for you to clarify your doubts, complete the vast syllabus on time and revise everything to strengthen your preparation. Additionally, if you are not able to clear the doubts of the SSC exam on your own, you can seek help from a reliable source that provides the finest SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar. 

  • Practice calmness

Just like many things in life, some people seem to be able to acquire calmness much easier than others with less effort. If you are a person who doesn’t naturally flow with life, you should practice settling your nerves before appearing in the arduous exam. Here are some surprising techniques that can help you settle those pre-exam nerves: 

  • Roll your feet over a golf ball.
  • Work through some mazes.
  • Jars with glitters.
  • Look outside
  • Spins
  • Jumps
  • Crunches
  • Sleep for ideal hours

No one can deny that sleep is not only crucial for academic performance but also for good health. A number of surveys have revealed that the majority of candidates do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. Let us tell you that sleep deprivation is correlated with a number of unpleasant symptoms including depression, memory issues, decreased affability, impaired critical thinking skills and anxiety.

A drowsy candidate is more anxious and it is hard for him/her to solve tricky questions. Hence, it implies that a sluggish aspirant performs worse in the exam. Therefore, you should relish quality sleep of at least 7-8 hours each night to stay healthy and soothe your tension. This is how you can moderate your mind to prepare perfectly for the exam. 

  • Take deep breaths

Doctors and psychologists suggest that breathing is good for health. It is quite obvious that a stressed and anxious person tends to take shallow breaths. With the passage of time, it seems to reinforce the feeling of nervousness. Therefore, to manage stressful situations, it is imperative to practice deep breathing.

A deep breath followed by an equal exhale brings more oxygen into the blood, which is a natural relaxant. A relaxed mind is stable to concentrate properly and able to think clearly. Moreover, slow and deep breathing help in managing nerves and avoiding panic attacks. So, make sure to spare some time to practice deep breathing to cope with exam stress. 

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  • Do aromatherapy

A number of recent studies have shown a substantial link between aromatherapy and a lower level of stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy can be used in an assortment of ways including inhalation, oral administration and even topical treatment.

The best way is to inhale aroma oils which are a blend of various natural oils. Aromatherapy is a time-honored method to achieve greater calm. Furthermore, it is effective over extended periods of time. Therefore, if you wish to lessen your stress and anxiety, you should use aromatherapy. Some of the essential oils and aroma scents are: 

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • Lemon or yuzu
  • Chamomile

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To conclude, you can only perform at your fullest potential if you are stress-free. Therefore, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to fend off your stress and calm down your nerves during competitive exam preparation.

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