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Picking the Right Wedding Car: What to Consider

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Transportation can be a minefield when planning your wedding. The vast array of options out there makes it important that you select a rental company and a car that perfectly suits your needs. If you need expert advice, you can reach out to the Knights Wedding Cars team.

1. Verify the timing

You should decide the exact times that you will need wedding transportation. You will need transportation to get to the church and for photo opportunities once you get there, if your church is having a service. The wedding ceremony and reception might be held in the same venue, but couples may wish to hire a wedding car during the big day to spend some private time with each other. 

2. Make it themed

Your wedding car should match the theme of the day.  Many couples choose classic cars because they suit all types of weddings. A variety of vintage models are available from Knights Wedding Cars that are perfect for a traditional wedding. Ribbons and flowers can be added to the package to match the color scheme of your vehicle.

3. Provide services

Check to see if the company you choose offers chauffeur services. By doing this, you won’t need to worry about finding a driver or asking a friend or family member if they would like to come along – unless that’s what you want.

4. Consider your local options

The best way to find a reliable and personable service is through local firms. Consider reputable providers in your region when looking for one that knows the areas (and wedding venues) well. Consult with the venue first and foremost for recommendations of a few local firms.

5. Find out whether it is available

In peak season (especially in the summer), wedding car companies can book up months in advance, so it is always best to secure your booking as soon as possible. Give them a call for a quote as soon as you find a company that can meet your needs.

6. Wedding car trends

In addition to adding a sense of timeless elegance to the day, classic cars are still a popular choice of transport for weddings since they can accommodate up to four bridesmaids along with the bride and her dress. There is a sudden rise in the popularity of two colours when it comes to wedding cars: sparkling white for the fairytale all-white ceremony, and sleek black for the sleek and stylish modern woman.

Couples are increasingly looking for unique or quirky wedding cars in order to add a little personality to their celebrations, following the general trend for personalising weddings. Finding an unusual wedding car will add character to your wedding, whether you arrive by moped, New York Taxi, speed boat, or camper van.

Wedding Car For Ceremony and Reception

It is becoming increasingly popular to hold your ceremony and reception at the same place, so the focus is moving away from the car the bride will arrive in, to the one the newlyweds will leave in. If you are traveling a long distance to your wedding night hotel or your honeymoon destination, do it in style by hiring a luxury wedding car equipped with tasty snacks, romantic music, and comfy blankets.

It has always been a popular feature in wedding photography, but today you are more likely to travel in your photographer’s car with you to the wedding and to the reception. Photos can be excellent when guests are driving along the same route at the same time, especially if they are arriving at the venue at the same time. If your wedding car is too small, you might not have much quality time alone with your husband. However, you should make sure the photographer can fit in your wedding car.

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