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Claim your free Robux through Robuxstore.com

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If you are landed at this article then might be you are looking for some information regarding Robuxstore. If yes, then we will help you through this article by providing a more detailed review of the website. Not only this, but we will also tell you whether you must purchase Robux from Robux store.com or not? And as a bonus to our readers, we will explain how you can get free Robux from robuxstore.com. So, without wasting your time let’s dive in to get our queries resolved.

Is robuxstore.com legitimate?

It is a very popular website from where you can purchase and sell Robux. The website was launched in 2017 and has become the most popular website for Robux trading. The website has very useful features that make it very popular among users. But many first users often find it difficult to decide whether this website is legitimate and if they can trust it. 

As there are several scams in the market that claim to provide free Robux. But robux store.com is not like them, it is not a fake site instead it is a very popular site for selling or purchasing Robux online. Hence, downloading software from the website is also safe as it does not contain any malware programs.

How to Claim your free Robux

robuxstore.com is an online store that claims to provide free Robux to its users. To claim your free Robux you will have to follow their social media page and also have to participate in their online survey. In many cases, the users were asked to watch a video till the end to claim their free Robux. 

But here we will like to inform you that you must be extra careful while claiming this offer. As many times scammers use lucrative offers to attract users. This is especially in the case of young teenage players. As they have no idea and they fall easily into the trap and end up paying huge amounts to these scammers. They may even steal your login Id and password. Therefore, you need to be very careful while navigating these sites

Guidelines to get free Robux from robuxstore.com

If you are looking for a legitimate free Robux generator as claimed by various websites and mobile applications, then we are sorry to inform you that no such website or mobile application exists. All that claim to provide free Robux are fake and scammers. According to the information published on the official website of the game, it is mentioned that Robux generators are fake and must be reported to the company. 

However, you can purchase, and sell a Robux on legitimate websites like robuxstore.com. To order your Robux first you need to sign in to your account, after that you will have to select the number that you want to purchase. 

Once done you will now have to enter your payment details like card number and pin. Once the payment is done and confirmed you can redeem your Robux. The same will also appear in your Roblox account.

Easy methods to earn Robux

But if you are still interested in free Robux, then here are some easy methods to earn Robux.

  1. Design a Game

This is quite a popular method for earning Robux quickly and easily. All you have to do is to generate the game of Roblox for other users. But wait it’s not as easy as it sounds, because you will need some skills and knowledge and above all greater imagination power. 

  1. Microsoft Rewards

 Yet another easiest and most effective method for earning Robux for free. In this method, you will have to earn Microsoft points, which is an easy job. You can then redeem these points for Roblox Gift Cards. To earn a Microsoft point you will have to sign up for a Microsoft account and once you have completed this process. You will have to perform some small and easy tasks. To calculate the value of these points the user has to click the redeem button.

  1. Premium Membership

If you have a premium membership then you are provided with a free Robux at the end of every month. You are eligible to receive a fixed amount of Robux which is specified by the creators of the platform. There are three tiers of membership offered by the company. Premium members also have other perks like they get additional Robux on reselling items within the game.

Other ways to get Robux

What we have explained above are a few popular ways of earning Robux apart from purchasing it via legitimate websites like robuxstore.com. But there are some other less popular methods which can offer free Robux to you. 

This method is Roblox Affiliate Program: Like any other popular affiliate program which offers commission. Roblox affiliate programs offer free Robux to its associates. 

This program offers a small cut every time a new user signs up via your help. You can earn huge commissions if you are a developer and can create a popular game on Roblox which is loved by other people. 

Is Robuxstore.com Safe?

While you hunt for Robux online you may have encountered a website that offers 5x free Robux. But before you take any actions please check for various warning signs otherwise you may end up spending your previously earned Robux. It may be possible that these sites may ask you to disable your account restriction. 

But whatever the situation, never provide any confidential information otherwise they can steal your Robux and other items. In the worst case, they can also install malware on your computer. Therefore, always remember that legitimate websites never provide free Robux. 


If you want to purchase Robux then you can do it either by visiting the official website or by visiting a site like -robuxstore.com, which is also very popular. The only precaution is that you must not go after the free Robux as this is nothing but a scam.

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