One TikTok user who works as a bartender recently shared a hilarious story.

she accidentally exposed a man's affair during work

She explains that she works as a bartender and server at a restaurant.

Every Wednesday, a man comes in at 4:45 p.m. Ten minutes later, a woman would walk in and sit with him.

But one time during their hush-hush hangout, the man left early while the woman stayed behind.

@imacayk went over to their table and asked the woman if she wanted another drink.

She ordered another one and then started spilling the tea about her and this man to @imacayk

@imacayk asked if the pair would be ordering their usual. And that's when everything started to unravel.

The woman, who was fuming, got up from the table and sat alone at another table.

@imacayk later confirmed from a coworker that the woman he was with was not the woman he usually came to the bar with.