Jin, the oldest member of K-pop supergroup BTS, began his 18 months of mandatory military service at a front-line South Korean boot camp

On Tuesday fans gathered near the base to say goodbye to their star.

Six other younger BTS members are to join the military in coming years.

The management agency said in October that all BTS members would perform their compulsory military duties

Jin, who turned 30 earlier this month, entered the boot camp at Yeoncheon, a town near the tense border.

The five weeks of basic military training together with other new conscript soldiers

After the training involving rifle shooting, grenade throwing and marching practices conscripts would be assigned to army units.

20-30 fans are holding Jin’s photos — and dozens of journalists gathered near the camp.

But Jin and his management agency had earlier asked fans not to visit the site.

Authorities still mobilized 300 police officers, soldiers, and others to maintain order and guard against any accidents.