Florence Pugh’s riveting performance makes eerie thriller ‘The Wonder’ essential viewing.

Florence Pugh is always a welcome presence on screen, capable of great performances in films

When she finds herself in a film that can match her talents, as she does in Sebastián Lelio’s “The Wonder”. she’s a marvel.

Pugh announced herself in 2016 period drama “Lady Macbeth”

A dominant presence capable of grabbing a film by the scruff of the neck and marching off with it.

she’s put that ability to use in all manner of fare, from superhero flicks to horror movies

Six years later, she’s back leading another period drama.

The sang-froid remains, the same steel, but she’s a different actor now, capable of shouldering even more.

This film of considerable emotional depth that asks much of its actors, the result is perhaps her finest work to date.

“The Wonder” is a period drama unbound by its setting, even its plot, aware that its true subject – the seductive nature of a good story.