GOA Liberation Day 2022

Every year on December 19, Goa Liberation Day is observed

It is celebrated to commemorate Goa's liberation from 450 years of Portuguese rule.

Additionally, India gained independence from European rule on that day.

After being liberated from Portuguese rule, it joined India and received statehood from the government in 1987.

The nation must remember that this holiday destination of India came at a price of blood and valour.

Goa gained the status of a state on May 30, 1987.

Located in Old Goa city, this architectural marvel is recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site

Celebrate this special day by sending out Happy Goa Liberation Day greetings and motivational quotes to everyone you know.

Do not forget to show honor towards the Bravehearts who got Goa the liberation you feel today. Happy Goa Liberation Day.