John Aniston death: Jennifer Aniston’s father, actor dies at age of 89

Jennifer Aniston's father John Aniston passed away at the age of 89

On Monday, the Friends actor shared the news when she shared a bunch of pictures of her family on her Instagram account.

she wrote, Sweet papa… John Anthony Aniston, You were one of the most beautiful humans I ever knew.

As soon as the post went live on Instagram, millions of fans expressed their grief at Jennifer's loss.

Model Helena Christensen was among the first ones to comment on the post.

Helena comment: He looks so wonderful, such tender smiling eyes, sending you so much love.

A pre-recorded speech was presented where Jennifer called the moment 'truly special'.

John has worked in television.

The late actor appeared in shows including The West Wing and Star Trek: Voyager.

John also made his cameo in famous series, such as Gilmore Girls and Mad Men.