Kolkata's Shlok Mukherjee is India's winner of Doodle for Google 2022 contest

This year’s contest received over 115,000 entries from children in classes 1 to 10 from over 100 cities across India

Google said 20 doodles were finalised by a team of judges

Google the judgment criteria for finalising from hundreds of entries:

Based on artistic merit, creativity, alignment with the contest theme, and uniqueness and novelty of the approach.

Shlok Mukherjee from Delhi Public School in NewTown, Kolkata

Shlok Mukherjee's doodle - titled ‘India on the centre stage'

Shlok expresses his hopes for India’s scientific advancements to gain further momentum in the coming years.

He told us in the next 25 years will be displayed on the search engine throughout the day.

M India will have scientists develop their own eco-friendly robot for humanity’s betterment.

India will have regular intergalactic travels from Earth to space.

India will develop more in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda, and will get stronger in coming years.