Momos Disadvantages

Be careful if you are fond of eating Momos

Can be a Victim of many Diseases

The number of momos lovers around the world is huge. Momos are mainly famous in Nepal, Tibet, and India

Momos are a popular street food in North India

Momos are made from flour and flour has a high Glycemic Index

Especially in Patients with Diabetes, they may have high sugar levels and in those who do not have diabetes, high sugar levels also increase the chances of diabetes

Flour is needed to make momos. Starch is high in flour. In this case, the consumption of starch can lead to weight gain

Apart from this, maida also increases the bad cholesterol level. That's why if you are planning to lose weight, then keep your distance from momos

Consuming momos, it can weaken immunity, due to which you will continue to have some physical problems because the consumption of flour is not good for your health.