The waitress claims that customers tried to follow her home after they overheard her complaining about them

In a TikTok video viewed over 400,000 times, a former Chili's waitress explains her customers.

The waitress, Nat, says she worked at Chili's for over five years as a waitress and bartender

While she expresses how much she loves the chain and her experience working there.

But says she has so many "unhinged" stories involving customers.

Nat's story centers around one particular Saturday night when she was working a closing shift.

Eight minutes before the restaurant was set to close. A group of six people walked in and were seated in Nat's section.

"I let them know that we’re literally closing in a few minutes and that I need to take their order right now," she says.

All six customers ordered strawberry lemonades and appetizers. Nat made a total of 36 strawberry lemonades for the table.

Their bill came out to about $98… they tipped me $2," Nat says.

Nat was driving home, she says a car was tailgating her.