Famous plastic surgeon medical license suspended after allegations of botched surgeries and privacy violations.

Dr. Katherine Roxanne Grawe, known as “Dr. Roxy” on the popular social media platform.

She’s amassed more than 842,000 followers on TikTok

She regularly posted clips of her dancing in scrubs and interacting with livestream viewers during operations

But her online fame has come at a hefty cost: her medical license.

Some patients have allegedly been left with post-surgery injuries, according to Daily Mail

Dr. Grawe, who owns Roxy Plastic Surgery in Powell, Ohio

The State Medical Board of Ohio suspending her license on Nov 18 2022.

Dr. Grawe has performed 3,621 surgeries over her 12 years of experience

But some of her patients aren’t part of her more than 51,000 “satisfied” clients that she boasts online.