Uzbekistan has claimed that at least 18 children in the country have died after allegedly taking an India-manufactured cough syrup.

The Health Ministry of Uzbekistan, said that the children who died had consumed cough syrup Doc-1 Max-manufactured by Noida-based Marion Biotech.

The laboratory tests of a batch of syrups found the presence of ethylene glycol, a toxic substance, the ministry said.

It also said the syrup was given to children at home without a doctor's prescription.

Before the children were hospitalised, they took this syrup at home for 2-7 days, in doses of 2.5 to 5 ml 3-4 times a day.

The syrup was used by the parents as an anti-cold remedy.

After the deaths of 18 children, Doc-1 Max tablets and syrups have been withdrawn from all pharmacies in the country.

7 employees were sacked because they failed to analyse the situation in time and take steps.