Receiving someone else’s Amazon package by mistake is not very uncommon

Amazon sent 64 packages containing the exact same thing to a woman who never ordered any of them.

Olivia Douglass was baffled by this suspiciously generous gesture from Amazon that she decided to share her experience on TikTok.

After receiving many packages that she didn’t even order

Olivia decided to contact Amazon customer service for an explanation

The video has racked up over 4.8 million views, with many people begging Olivia for an unboxing video.

One user commented: “The self control you have to have collected that many packages without opening them. I could never.”

Since Amazon allowed her to keep the boxes, she decided to open them all with her husband in multiple follow-up videos.

The exciting unboxing experience soon turned into her biggest disappointment when she kept pulling out flag, after flag, after flag….

Olivia came to the realization that all the 64 boxes contained basically the same thing.

which led her to change her bio to read: "I now identify as flag girl."