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What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Know Cool Facts

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All of you would have listened to the name of dinosaurs from your childhood, like me. Which one was your favorite? May be it is T- Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, or any other. Like, mine was T-Rex. But had you ever listened what dinosaur has 500 teeth? I also was unknown about this one. Because scientists discovered the dinosaur with 500 teeth just a few years before. And a very few people were familiar with them. Even it got its name in 1999. Let’s jump inside! And know more about this dinosaur with 500 teeth.

What is a Dinosaur with 500 Teeth

The dinosaur Nigersaurus taqueti is known as dinosaur with 500 teeth. The holotype specimen which was found by the scientists consists of a partial skull and neck. 

Dinosaur with 500 teeth is also known as the fastest tooth replicating dinosaur till now.  This is because its teeth were very soft and got worn out very early. And it grew a new set of teeth as early as in 14 days.   

How Much Bigger it was?

It was so unconventional, and was characterized with abnormally broad, straight-edged muzzled tip with around 500 replaceable teeth. Nigersaurus was a sauropod dinosaur. 

It was about 9 m (30 ft) long and its weight was about 5 tonnes.

When & Where Nigersaurus Fossils were Found?

Nigersaurus was discovered in Niger in the late 1960s and remained as one of the subject of study for over 40 years. Its name Nigersaurus means “Niger lizard,” while the species name means “five hundred.” 

Nigersaurus has two jaws which consist of 128 columns. There were a total 68 columns of teeth in its upper jaw and 60 in its lower jaws, totaling over more than 500 active and replacement teeth. 

The teeth of Nigersaurus were highly asymmetrical. It’s ten times thicker on the outward-facing side than its inward-facing side. It is or else known only in the advanced ornithischians.

Some Interesting Facts About Nigersaurus

  • Over 500 teeth, right at the front of its skull
  • Its jaw moves only up-and-down instead of side-to-side, which made it different from other herbivore dinosaurs. Side-to-side is the way how goats and cows grind their foods.
  • Its brain was of similar size to other dinosaurs.
  • It has better eyesight than other herbivore dinosaurs. Most herbivores had long necks. That meant they could see through long distances. But Nigersaurus had got a short neck.  With eyes towards the top of its skull.

Would you Survive if you Met with a 500 Teeth Dinosaur?

Although, dinosaur with 500 teeth sounds too scary, it wouldn’t eat you. The reason behind this was that it is a herbivore. Therefore it only ate plants.

The Nigersaurus can’t eat you because human beings haven’t evolved yet. It took another 100 million years before humans showed up on planet earth.

How did the Nigersaurus Beat the Competition?

You Mean Other Than Having 500 Teeth?

Because of its short neck, it is believed that the Nigersaurus ate plants which are close to the ground. Other herbivore dinosaurs had long necks, so they all ate plants and leaves from the trees which are very high up from the ground, as giraffes do.  

Due to this they never have to compete for food. They remain focused on eating the plants other dinosaurs ignored. 

Is the Nigersaurus the Best Dinosaur Because it has 500 Teeth?

That’s up to you. There were other dinosaurs also who have more teeth than Nigersaurus, like the Hadrosaurs which had 960 teeth. So if we are talking about the number of teeth as the center of our focus, then that’s one we should consider.

I think that the Nigersaurus is a very pretty cool dinosaur, with lots of things to which could be liked about it. And if nigersaurus is your favorite, then you can go for it! 

What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth Meme? Why it Became so Popular?

Let’s know the interesting story behind the origin of this popular meme “What Dinosaur has 500 teeth meme”. Do you know how it has been spread across the internet users? If you’d like to learn more about What Dinosaur has 500 teeth, and then read here:

The Internet or a Strange Thing:

It is possible to say that sometimes the internet or its use can be a bit spooky for the users. For example, if someone typed the word ‘which dinosaur has 500 teeth’? The Internet has shown strange results. As a user we’re looking for strange results on Google to satisfy our desires and everyday chores. 

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth Meme

A lot of people who have been affected by this meme, and have given statement that the correct spelling is “nye-juhr.” But if anyone of us tried to search the Google using this meme, he just has to search for What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? And after that, Google translated the pronunciation of this word, and started showing an entirely different meaning. However, this was not enough and it doesn’t stop the hateful commenter’s from making comments related to racism. 

Whereas, Reddit users also shocked the unexpected internet users by implying something about the Nigersaurus’ name. Since then, Uncountable memes were created, whose captions include “Worse mistake of my life”. 

Do not Google 500 Teeth Dinosaur

‘Do not Google 500 teeth dinosaur’. Others used this meme as a law for the racial insult to itself, similar to the comment which says ‘OK dinosaur with 500 teeth’. Nigersaurus name is, still, is a reference to where it was discovered, the Republic of the Niger. 

Fossils of this 500 teeth dinosaur were first uncovered in the landlocked West African country in 1976. But What dinosaur has 500 teeth becomes a well-known Google search a many years later. 

More complete remains were set up in 1999. During peregrinations led by American paleontologist Phillipe Taqueti and he has given it the name of Nigersaurus taqueti in honor of the French paleontologist, Phillipe Taqueti.


So, I think now you know the answer of the question what dinosaur has 500 teeth. And why the meme on what dinosaur has 500 teeth became famous. It was a dinosaur found 110 million years ago. With a huge head and having 500 teeth’s.  Its brain was. It likes to search food closer to the ground. They were not good in smelling. And have a huge head.  

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