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Why Should You Opt For Sim Only Plans In Singapore

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Smartphones are today ubiquitous and are a need of every person and individual. The Singapore mobile and smartphone market earlier used to have contract plans for mobile, calls, and data subscribership. These communication and mobile plans included the handsets. Consumers were required to purchase a handset along with the SIM and mobile plan.

They were to pay for the combination of the handset and the mobile plan through the monthly payment installments and the subsidies. Fortunately, the new SIM-only plans are here. These plans do not require the consumers to purchase a handset or mobile when they purchase a data and communication plan. Below are some of the benefits of the SIM-only plans that are devoid of a handset and are much more affordable for everyday consumers.

No Contract

There are no repayment installments for the consumers when they choose a SIM-only plan. Many of these plans also do not have any kind of mandatory contracts for the subscribers and consumers. In the absence of the contract, a consumer can easily switch to another communication service provider if his/her service provider is not providing a good service.

For instance, you can switch from one communication service and SIM to another if your current communication provider is not providing satisfactory after-sales service and reception. You can also switch to another SIM if you find the current plant to be pricier and more costly when compared to the plan of the competitor.

Easy Smartphone Upgrade in Singapore

A SIM-only plan does not have any contract for the smartphones as you do not have to buy them when you buy your SIM. Consumers are free to upgrade their handset at any point in time as there is no contract. In the earlier communication contracts, there was a mandatory upgrading schedule after 2 years.

IPhone users often want to upgrade their phones every year. With the SIM-only plan, nobody is bound to the terms and conditions of any kind of contract. Users are free to choose a phone upgrade and a phone that they desire at any time.


A SIM-only plan is more affordable when compared to the contract plans. You do not need to purchase a handset when you buy a SIM. Therefore, the cost of the communication service is much lesser. You can buy a second-hand and used smartphone as well at a very cheap and low cost, and use it as your primary communication device. All you need is to insert a new SIM into your phone and it is ready to go.

Keep Your Phone For As Long As You Like

Now the users can keep their existing and current phones for as long as they want and like. Because there is no mandatory 2-year upgrade plan and contract, they can keep their phone for 4, 5, or even more years if they want. Switching over phones and porting the pictures, contracts, and apps is often a hassle that most people do not want to undergo everyone 1 or 2 years. With the SIM-only plan, you can keep the same phone for any number of years you want and enjoy your more relaxed and affordable experience.


A SIM-only plan in Singapore can offer you many benefits and complete peace of mind. These plans are more affordable and offer you more freedom when compared to the earlier contract plans. You can also compare the SIM cost and the data rates of the different communication service providers and choose the most affordable option for you.

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