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How To Get YRKKH Written Update?

YRKKH Written Update

YRKKH is a series that is liked and watched by many people on the global stage. This is an Indian serial that began on 12 January 2009 and is still streaming on different platforms. In this article, you will get the YRKKH written update (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai). The story of this series was written by Saba Mutaz initially. 

Later on, this series was handed over to too many screenwriters like Bhawana Vyas, Ghazala Nargis, Munisha Rajpal, Zama Habib, and Bandana Tiwari. Bandana Tiwari is the last screenwriter of this series till 2021. This serial is directed by three persons Romesh Kalra, Rishi Mandial, and Ram Pandey. Its creative director is Vivek Bhal.

The story of this series mainly revolves around its five main characters Akshara Singhania (Hina Khan), Naitik Singhania (Karan Mehra), Naira Goenka (Shivangi Joshi), Kartik Goenka (Mohsin Khan), and Sirat Shekhawat (Shivangi Joshi) from beginning to present. 

The story begins with Naitik and Akshara’s love story and the struggle of their knot. In the middle of the story, Akshara is presented as dead and Naitik’s character is also on hold. Recently, this story is starring Naira, Kartik, and Sirat mainly.

Why YRKKH is a famous series?

YRKKH (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai) is a brilliant story that teaches you the importance of the actual relationship. In general, people live their lives and forget about their family and the relation with people with which they are attached. To give a knock to such people this series is playing a vital role when they can understand the importance of the relationship.

To understand the relation well YRKKH is the best example because every kind of relationship can be seen in this series. That’s why one must watch YRKKH. One who doesn’t have enough time to watch this series may read the written update of YRKKH also.

Where to read YRKKH written update?

YRKKH is a series that was initiated in India and watched by many people on the global stage. Many people also want to watch this series but they don’t have enough time to watch it on screen. For them, many websites provide YRKKH written updates.

Some top websites where you can read YRKKH written updates are:

  • tellyupdates
  • tellyexpress
  • justshowbiz

More about YRKKH?

The narrative between Akshara Maheshwari and Naitik Singhania was indeed the starting point for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Both personalities are from Marwari joint households, therefore their marriage is recommended by the family’s heavenly realm guide. 

In such a wedding ceremony, Akshara and Naitik slowly grow in affection with one another, face challenges as members of huge households, and become parents to small kids.

The program also features the experiences of adolescent cousins, parents, and additional family members.

After roughly 7 years just on broadcast, the series’ storyline shifted to another wave, concentrating primarily on Naitik and Akshara’s younger sister Naira and her spouse, Kartik Goenka. This series has many interesting turning points.

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A short view on YRKKH

YRKKH was initiated with a great concept for telling people about the importance of relationships but later its story became a bit boring and lengthy because of many changes in screenwriters of this series.

Due to the long run of this series, some audiences started criticizing it. But it is still running and it is turning to be interesting with great a storyline.

Some top reviews on YRKKH

  • This series is said to create social things to attention. However, all of a sudden, he tends to forget everything he’s learned. Despite enduring YRKKH for decades, she still displays mutual affection. They start questioning, stuffing, hurting, and distancing themselves. It’s ridiculous that it is referred to as love. Naira should’ve just left the clusterfuck a long time ago. In a light-hearted sense, all forms of patriarchal are celebrated. On an incidental touch, a ten-year-married couple reacts with surprise and sensuality. Seriously stop murdering and resurrecting prospects! The show has come to an end! Just put an end to it! The longest-running program on tv chakkar pe chakkar pe chakkar pe chakkar pe; Fah!
  • This is probably the craziest ridiculous show I’ve watched yet. Of course, it’s because of my mother. Unless you want to squander hours, watch YouTube commercials instead of this program.
  • Would you enjoy good screenwriting and plots? If that’s the case, this program isn’t for everyone. This program violates all realistic standards. Naira, its show’s central protagonist, has indeed been abducted twice, divorced twice, married twice, been tormented by a buddy, is indeed an adept in martial arts although requires rescued each moment she’s in trouble, is a fantastic actor, wears a lot of products to appear whiter, and has had a tumor. If you’re still not persuaded that such a program keeps producing series that produce absolutely no logic, then just go along and view it; it’ll be great for everyone. One show, for example, has over 3000 episodes. This program exists solely to earn more profit.


YRKKH is a story that began with an excellent concept. Initially, it was appreciated by the audience. But due to its long run and lengthy story people get bored with this series. But you don’t need to worry about this. You can take it as a novel too. And read YRKKH’s written updates on the mentioned websites above. Reading these stories, you can get a taste of the story. With this series, you can understand what is the relationship called well.



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