Amazon: Updates

In America's tech industry, the process of getting people fired from jobs does not seem to stop.

After Twitter and Facebook, now Amazon has also announced to lay off thousands of its employees.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has given this information in a note written to his employees.

Andy Jassy has said, "We are trying to help those affected by this move.

Includes financial assistance and transitional health insurance as well as assistance with finding a job with other companies.

He has written that the affected employees will start getting information from coming January 18.

The number of these employees is said to be more than 18,000, which is six percent of the company's total staff of three lakh people.

Amazon had earlier reported in November that it would lay off some of its employees to reduce costs.

Along with this, he has written that Amazon has been able to overcome the bad times of the economy even before this and will continue to do so in the future.